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The Story of Little L by Melinda Szente

Lemon, also known as Little L never felt little. She liked her nickname, but she knew she wasn’t little. She was chubby, a juicy lemon,...

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Read "The Story of Time" by Melinda Szente at Les Nereides Vienna

A mini wonderland in the heart of Vienna
Article by Melinda Szente, the writer of "The Story of Time"

The world of jewelry is an ever-changing one. There are modern lines, minimalistic brands, classical ones and then there’s Les Néréides. Even saying the name gives you a hint of magic. And it’s not just a little magic I’m talking about. Their collections are like tiny works of art - sculptures, or paintings that you can wear around your neck, wrists, fingers or in your ears.
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Les Néréides: French high-end jewellery in a Viennese store

In December of last year the first Austrian store of the French high-end jewellery brand, Les Néréides, was opening its doors on Tegetthoffstrasse, Vienna. The...

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