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The Water Garden collection inspired by Claude Monet's paintings, Water Lilies, is a high-end costume jewellery collection that will immerse you in the wonderful gardens of Giverny These post earrings are hand-enamelled and offer a unique scenery above a small pond This original landscape is composed of small water lilies resting on lily pads and a turquoise dragonfly that adds airiness to this special jewel Stud Earrings : Gilded and hand-enamelled brass




Weight: 7,2g

Please note stud, hook and sleepers earrings cannot be exchanged nor returned for hygiene reasons
La Maison Les Néréides pays tribute to the beautiful garden of Giverny with this costume jewellery necklace from the Water Garden collection, inspired by the paintings of Claude Monet This gold-plated medallion pendant necklace is hand-painted in a deep blue and symbolises the edge of a pond on which water lilies are delicately placed Pendant Necklace : Gilded and hand-enamelled brass, lapis lazuli bead





Weight: 7,52g
This statement necklace from the Water Garden collection is adorned with all the elements that inspired this collection Pink and white water lilies on green lily pads attract dragonflies flying between the red reeds In the centre of this costume jewellery necklace, which evokes the edge of a pond in the garden of Giverny, a blue faceted stone appears and matches the lapis lazuli stones hanging on the gold-plated chain Collar Necklace : Gilded and hand-enamelled brass, lapis lazuli bead, cut glass, red agate reed





Weight: 14,52g
This fine bracelet for women from the Water Garden collection features a hand-painted yellow dragonfly flying over a lapis lazuli stone This piece of costume jewellery can be worn on its own or with the asymmetrical dragonfly post earrings from the same collection Thin Bracelet : Gilded and hand-enamelled brass, lapis lazuli bead





Weight: 1,86g
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