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La Maison Les Néréides proposes in its Miniature Beauties collection the modern version of the you and me ring. Discover this unique piece of jewellery which is made of two elements placed one next to the other, here a ladybird resting on a forget-me-not is facing a sparkling faceted crystal petal. This costume jewellery ring forms an S that seems to float between fingers.
Adustable Ring : Gold-plated brass, hand-enamelled flower buds and ladybug, faceted glass

Length: 2,4cm

Width: 2cm

Depth: 1,35cm

Weight: 2,7g
Punctuated with dazzling reflections and striking details, this pair of earrings is a real feast for the eyes. The Winter Bouquet Collection, a ballet of vibrant coloured flowers, will brighten up your outfits. Be sure to wear a chic and elegant designer jewel, signed by la Maison Les Néréides.

Long Necklace: gold-plated brass, hand-enamelled, faceted glass-stone, cut crystal.

40cm Length

1cm Width

5cm Extension

9,83g Weight
Medallion ring, message ring, perfume ring, there are so many versions for this hand-made piece that will reveal all its secrets once opened. Explore the flowery world of the Miniature Beauties collection. The little ladybird in hand-painted red enamel brings a touch of fantasy to whoever will pick it! You will make someone happy by adding this ring to your basket on our online jewellery website!
Cocktail Ring : Gold-plated brass, hand-enamelled flower buds and ladybug, forget-me-not in light blue faceted crystal and glass beads

Length: 3cm

Width: 2,4cm

Depth: 1,8cm

Weight: 9,7g
Wear this and give your style the temptation of the reptile, enhanced by a flamboyant garnet red colour. La Maison Les Néréides is reinventing La Diamantine, do not miss the Serpentine Collection and its seductive serpent, textured and gilded with fine gold.

Collar Necklaces: gold-plated brass, faceted glass-stone, garnet red shade.

40cm Length

0,8cm Width

32,26g Weight
Succumb to this one-row bracelet, from the Serpentine Collection. The seductive reptile encloses flamboyant garnet red faceted stones. La Maison Les Néréides presents an enhanced interpretation of La Diamantine for original designer jewels.

Thin Bracelet: gold-plated brass, faceted glass-stone, garnet red shade.

15,5cm Length

0,7cm Width

3,5cm Extension

13,51g Weight

Like a sunflower turning towards the sun, your eyes will not be able to resist looking at this flower and its corolla gilded in fine gold ... The new Nectar of the Sun collection is exquisitely finished to perfectly complement your style. Each piece is delicately made with bright and shiny zirconium oxide stones which sparkle like diamonds. Don’t miss out on the selection of women’s jewellery at La Maison Les Néréides. Cocktail Ring : setting in gold-plated textured brass, enhanced with semi-transparent enamel, perforated millegrain metal lace sunflower.

2,9cm Length

3cm Width

10,63g Weight


A majestic bumblebee delicately collects nectar and pollen from a sunflower ... Take this delightful natural wonder with you wherever you go and dress up your simplest outfits with gold and light. Exuding finesse and timeless elegance, the Nectar of the Sun collection brings together a selection of surprising creative jewellery. Costume jewellery for women, signed La Maison les Néréides. Reflecting the know-how and tradition of fine jewellery using zirconium oxide for costume jewellery pieces that shine bright like diamonds! Brooch : setting in gold-plated textured brass, enhanced with semi-transparent enamel, perforated millegrain metal lace sunflower, clear zirconium oxide micro-pavé wings.

3cm Length

2,8cm Width

8,81g Weight

This elegant, refined bangle is complemented by a pearl with an iridescent reflection for a discreet and timeless style on trend. This women's jewellery from the Pearly Flight Collection is the interpretation of the wonders of Nature by la Maison Les Néréides.

Thin Bracelet: gold-plated brass, enamelled by hand, pearly crystal, cut crystal.

4,5cm Length

6cm Width

3,5cm Extension

8,1g Weight
Adorned with a purple faceted glass stone and finely assembled with two golden foliage on its sides, this multiple size ring from the summer collection Shaded by Flowers, brings strength and style to the person wearing it. A designer's jewel for women with a strong personality, which will be a delight to match with the post earrings from the same collection.
Cocktail Ring : Gold-plated brass, hand-enamelled flowers, faceted glass

Length: 2,32cm

Width: 1,94cm

Depth: 1,2cm

Weight: 3,54g
Ideal for a summer evening in a romantic place, this necklace with a fine golden chain from the Shaded by Flowers collection will rest delicately on your skin scented with fresh notes from La Maison. A light designer jewel, it is composed of a round violet stone and a Wisteria flower with a delicate enamel.
Pendant Necklace : Gold-plated brass, hand-enamelled flowers, faceted glass

Length: 40cm

Extension: 5cm

Width: 1,36cm

Depth: 0,62cm

Weight: 3,8g
Giving a tender kiss under the mistletoe is such a lovely way to follow the tradition. Whether as a gift or for yourself, the adjustable heart-shaped mistletoe ring for the Sparkling New Year's Eve collection remains a very poetic manner to wish a wonderful New Year.

Adjustable Ring :gold-plated brass, faceted crystals.

2,3cm Length

1,9cm Width

2,17g Weight
On this precious bracelet, star-shaped flowers from the Star Jasmine collection bloom on the golden bangle on which they are mounted. Encrusted with small clear crystals in green and red, the petals bring more sparkle to this piece of jewellery. A golden clasp and its rings will allow you to adjust the size to suit your liking.
Thin Bracelet : Gold-plated brass, freshwater pearl buttons heightened with cut crystals and zirconium oxides

Length: 42cm

Extension: 3,5cm

Width: 53cm

Depth: 1,3cm

Weight: 7,5g
The Star Jasmine collection presents this pair of versatile post earrings, made with a round base of Jasmine flowers and a golden ring, they can be worn as such or the ring can be removed if you want a more discreet style. A sophisticated piece of jewellery for women that will adapt to your everyday life.
Stud Earrings : Gold-plated brass, cut crystals

Length: 3,8cm

Width: 2,8cm

Depth: 1,9cm

Weight: 7,4g

Please note stud, hook and sleepers earrings cannot be exchanged nor returned for hygiene reasons.

This piece of jewellery is made of a rose enhanced by small rhinestones in the middle and a leaf. All these parts are made with hand enamelled brass in pure Néréides Paris tradition. The band is made from 14 carat gold plated brass.

50 52 54 56 58

Our Summer Scents Collection is delighted to offer you this magnificent cocktail ring. It will certainly make a statement! The sophisticated, fine gold ring is evocative of the intertwined branches of the laurel tree, with a pretty hand-enamelled flower as its centrepiece. This cocktail ring is also available in size 58. Cocktail Rings: flowers and fruits made up of hand-enamelled gold-plated brass, facetted glass, facetted crystals.

2,9cm Length

2,5cm Width

4,15g Weight


The Mimosa flower is a ray of sunshine during the winter months; it is the emblem of our Summer Scents Collection. The petals and fruits featuring in this women’s bib necklace have been delicately enamelled by hand and showcase the know-how and tradition of La Maison Les Néréides. The elegant chain, gilded in fine gold, is of rope design. Enhance your natural beauty with this exquisite piece of jewellery. Wear it on its own or together with our mimosa bangle bracelet from the same Collection. Collar Necklaces: rope chain in gold-plated brass, flowers and fruits made up of hand-enamelled gold-plated brass, facetted glass, facetted crystals.

42cm Length

4,5cm Width

5cm Extension

35,17g Weight


La Maison Les Néréides is celebrating the colours and flowers of the Provence region with its Summer Scents Collection. Forming part of our unique Collection of costume jewellery, enamelled by hand according to La Maison know-how and tradition, these costume stud earrings for women come in lavender purple and bay red, as well as mimosa bright yellow! Stud Earrings: flowers and fruits made up of hand-enamelled gold-plated brass, faceted glass, faceted crystals.

2,5cm Length

2,2cm Width

8,36g Weight


A simple yet sophisticated bangle bracelet from the Summer Scents Collection. Showcasing the flowers of Provence, this colourful and unique piece features a beautiful hand-enamelled lemon and a braided bangle. Bangles: flowers and fruits made up of hand-enamelled gold-plated brass, faceted glass, faceted crystals.

5,2cm Length

5,5cm Width

8,88g Weight

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