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The Story of Little L by Melinda Szente

The Story of Little L by Melinda Szente

Lemon, also known as Little L never felt little. She liked her nickname, but she knew she wasn’t little. She was chubby, a juicy lemon, full of zest - in both ways. She was a citrus fruit after all. She had imperfections all over her body. Today, we’d call this cellulite. She was round and knew she’ll never be like a banana, but she also knew she didn’t have to be. This is the body she had as a lemon and she sure wasn’t going to hide it just because it wasn’t perfect for everyone.

Although Little L was a lemon, she never felt sour about life. She was like sunshine. Warmhearted with big dreams. She knew she wanted to make other lemons feel special too. Wanted and admired, regardless of their imperfections or size. On many mornings, she found herself looking in the mirror and seeing something amazing. She saw a necklace, with her on it!

So she rolled her cute, plump body all the way to France and waited and waited to inspire someone special, with an eye for detail. Guess what happened? A special person got the same idea and a whole collection of jewellery was born inspired by Little L.

She was over the moon. The pieces were gorgeous. True to life, even the tiny dimples on her skin were there. Little L achieved something big. She also hopes that when you look in the mirror, you’ll see a superstar looking back at you: a beautiful person, who can and should dream big and knows that imperfections are a vital part of what makes every one of us unique. Just like the pieces made by Les Néréides.

Are you still here? Big no-no! You should be checking out their collections already! Summer is just around the corner and Little L will be thrilled to meet you in person.

Text, photos and concept by @melinda.szente

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