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Les Néréides: French high-end jewellery in a Viennese store

Les Néréides: French high-end jewellery in a Viennese store

In December of last year the first Austrian store of the French high-end jewellery brand, Les Néréides, was opening its doors on Tegetthoffstrasse, Vienna. The store is opposite the Albertina Museum and if you live in the capital of Austria or you are just visiting it, this is where you will find a special present for someone dear to you or why not even treat yourself.



A French brand in Vienna

Les Néréides is a French designer jewellery brand. This year, this brand with a unique savoir-faire is celebrating its 40-year anniversary. It is a family business but an international one already, which expanded in other countries of the world through franchises. The brand is present in 50 locations all over the world and the Vienna store is the first one in Austria.



The shop opened its doors last year, after two courageous women rented a run-down space but with a great location: in the center of Vienna, the first district. Just a few steps behind the famous Viennese Opera and the Albertina Museum, on Tegetthofstrasse. With a lot of will and the support of their families, they renovated the space, turning it from a neglected corner in the center of the city into a chic, bright and inviting store, into which it is a pleasure to enter and discover gorgeous pieces of jewellery.



The beginnings of the store are related to Daniela, who three years ago visited Český Krumlov. During a Sunday walk, her eyes drifted to the window of a shop, to a necklace that delighted her. Two kittens playing on a branch.

“I was staring at it the way a child stares at a chocolate shop. From the other side of the window. And I was thinking: I will never be able to afford this kind of jewellery, it looked so exclusive and expensive! I couldn’t find out the prices and unfortunately by the time I got home, I had forgotten the name of the store” remembers Daniela.



Two years later, Daniela’s mom was on a trip through Europe and sent her a picture of Les Néréides store in Karlovy Vary, saying: “Look, a shop for you!

“Of course, she meant for me as a customer. During the same period, I had discovered a shop in Vienna, who’s owner, a French woman, was selling among others some Les Nereides pieces. Not a lot, about a dozen. I bought something, to “feel” them and then contacted the French headquarters. Meanwhile, my friend Adriana was telling me to do something together. When I talked to the French team, they told me they had done a small market study for Vienna and were looking for a partner. I said “oui”, Adriana said “oui”, too. And that’s how it all started”, Daniela tells me.

The first product which was displayed in the window of the Vienna shop was none other than the kitten necklace discovered by Daniela three years before, in the window of the Český Krumlov store.



Written by: Timea Laslavic

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